my awakening consciousness


    Hello readers and fellow psychcentral members! Welcome to my very first blog. Currently it’s just a daily journal of personal perceptions (all right, more like whining and sarcasm than riveting insight) but hopefully it will evolve into something interactive and useful to others.

Your comments, advice or anything you’d like to share is welcome.

I stumbled into psychcentral by accident while doing some research on antidepressant medications and initially just hung out in the drug questions forum. It turned out to be helpful in unexpected ways; I realized I’m not the only one going through this biochemical roller coaster ride and it’s far more informative to hear of many people’s actual experiences with these – face it – unpredictable and scary new medications than to read descriptions of their molecular structures and half-lives.

So, I’m a forty-ish woman with no kids who has struggled with depression and unknown other mental problems since childhood, multiple addictions and substance abuse (stopped in 1992). I was raised in a middle-class, large family of completely well-adjusted, mentally healthy siblings, a wonderful mother, and satan himself (dad). Gosh, I wonder what the shrink might say here?
Well we’ll get into all that in another time and place, and I’m sure lots of it will be in the rant-n-rave section of this blog.

Meanwhile…that’s kinda me in a nutshell.

Drop by anytime!