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The Best Start

Filed under: daylilies — waterlily at 2:33 pm on Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Sometimes I think the only reason I get out of bed these days is my dog Missy. Today started out with the usual blah feeling, joint pain and then the smile and joy at seeing her in her little bed next to mine, waiting patiently or just waking up at the sound of me stirring….

So we’re on our “morning” walk (sometimes it’s eleven- o- clock) I ran into one of my neighbors, whom I rarely see. This is a woman whose shining soul radiates…she reminds me of Mark in that way.

Now (sort of for practice, but also is fitting here) I’m going to post a pic of a beautiful painting by Henri Matisse, one of my favorite artists. Because Virginia (the aforementioned neighbor) brings to mind the light and the purely beautiful colors.

Landscape by the Sea 1905_1448386611971


Thank you Virginia, for reminding me that there is love, humanity and compassion in the world and you care about me, most of all that God has not left us as I think in moments of my deepest despair.

Know too that you are loved and that the good energy you emanate outward into the universe touches many lives.


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