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Can You Feel the Echoes?

Filed under: daylilies — waterlily at 4:14 pm on Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Been through so many eras these past seven years….soon after my last post here, my husband lost his job of twenty years and we had a rough almost two years living on one unemployment check, literally going hungry at times, but we had each other and it kept us spiritually sustained. That year our little Yoda died and we were so sad……Tiger grieved for him too, until the next year when he also died and it was brutal. It’s still agonizing to think of how terribly he died in such sweet humility – I believe he and my husband were the closest thing to angels on this earth…….and I need to tell about them both because they were here and they mattered, and the thought of the world being unaware of this is too painful to bear. In 2013, my amazing husband died of pancreatic cancer. I can’t talk about this yet, except to say that he endured with more dignity and bravery and selflessness than anyone I’ve ever known. I’ll always and forever be in awe of him.

I love you, Mark Joseph. I love you my sweet little big boy Tiger.

Your courage, your goodness, echoes across the universe.

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