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non judgement day

Filed under: daylilies — waterlily at 6:38 pm on Thursday, August 28, 2008

this is a little thing i’ve been trying in my life lately – try going through an entire day without judging anyone. about anything. no matter what. it’s brutally insightful and way harder than i imagined. i’m discovering how quick i am to condemn, dismiss, ridicule and downright hate. based on surprisingly little information. previously i had always thought of myself as a fairly non-judgemental person! turns out i’m just mental……largely from being on the receiving end of such snap, completely brainless assessments. and i learned from the world’s best. now i see how these “drone judgements” destroy lives of entire populations. little by little, they break the spirit, drain hope from the host and lay waste to human potential, on a massive and unconscionable scale. the “criminal justice” system is probably the biggest example of this. to me, it feels like judgement days are hastening the end for all of us.